Case Study: Platinum Ridge Center for Rehabilitation and Healing (May 2017)

Patients Age: 58
Admission Date: 4/28/17
Admitted From: St. Margaret’s Hospital
Discharge Date:  5/10/17
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 12 Days
Reason for Stay: Right Hip Replacement
How did this patient hear about Platinum Ridge? Employee within CareRite Centers Network

Details of Experience:

John is a happy, hard-working, pleasant 58-year-old-male who arrived to us at Platinum Ridge Center for Rehabilitation & Healing following an elective procedure for a right hip replacement. Upon arrival, John shared that he was experiencing hip problems for awhile and began requiring a cane to move around due to the pain becoming increasingly worse. John shared the pain became so severe that he was even having difficulty walking and working full-time and that he was unable to perform his work duties. John stated both hips were in “bad shape”, but the right hip was worsening, so he underwent a total right hip replacement for relief.

Upon arrival, John shared a pain level of a 4 /10. The pain medications he was receiving assisted in providing some relief. John was able to complete bed mobility with moderate assistance (where the patient can perform 50% of independence) decreased pain and weakness in the right hip. John performed transfers with minimum assistance (patient able to perform 75% of independence) as well as ambulate with a wheeled walker up to 25 feet. John also required assistance with dressing and bathing, now having to follow hip precautions.

John worked hard while he was in physical and occupational therapy. He always was ready to attend therapy sessions as that meant closer to his goal of riding his bike this summer. John completed strengthening of both his arms and legs as well as worked on walking further distances with less assistance. He also completed stair training as well as worked on dressing and bathing using specialized tools issued by occupational therapy to prevent him from deviating from his hip precautions, but allowing him to gain independence. John also worked on transferring in and out of a car and tasks such as simulating laundry and cooking as he lives alone after the passing of his wife this past January, whom he dearly misses.

John completed his physical and occupational therapy training in less than two weeks with flying colors! At discharge, John was independent with bed mobility, transfers and ambulation using a wheeled walker up to 300 feet. John was also able to ascend and descend 12 steps with a hand rail. John began training with a cane and was able to walk up to 250 feet with distant supervision. He was able to complete a transfer in and out of his car safely as well as walk on uneven pavement with a wheeled walker. John also stated the pain in his hip decreased a lot.

John was to return home after a two-week stay with his son to assist him with any needs. John stuck to the program and persevered through the pain, allowing him to gain his independence quickly. John was recently seen out in the community and he said he is getting his left hip done at the end of June so to expect him back in early July. John, there is room ready and waiting for you!