Case Study: Platinum Ridge Center for Rehabilitation and Healing (September 2017)

Patients Age: 93
Admission Date: 8/28/17
Admitted From: Allegheny Valley Hospital
Discharge Date:  9/15/17
Discharged To: Assisted Living Facility
Length of Stay: 19 Days
Reason for Stay: Rehab/frequent falls
How did this patient hear about Platinum Ridge? Lives in the Community

Details of Experience:

Rose is a delightful 93-years-young woman who came to Platinum Ridge Center for Rehabilitation and Healing after she sustained a fall at home. From the time Rose entered the door she was a gem to have as she was very positive and happy to receive the help she needed to move forward. Thankfully, Rose did not sustain any broken bones from her fall, but she did have increased knee pain and decreased mobility upon evaluation. Rose required “min assist” (therapist providing 25% assist) with transfers sit-to-stand, but only supervision with bed mobility. Rose was also only able to walk with a wheeled walker 15 feet requiring min assist. Upon daily visits from the concierge department, Rose often spoke of her children and grandchildren, never focusing on the pain that she was having in her legs. Rose did, however, require max assist (75% assist) for toileting, but min assist with toilet transfers.

Rose was always positive and determined to get better and return home. She was always very cheerful when staff would visit her, she’d often share her life stories while having a snack offered from the community snack cart. She was very agreeable to therapy and never missed a session. Rose did share that her family was worried about her returning home alone since she had experienced falls recently.

During her time in therapy, Rose received therapeutic electrical stimulation to both knees to decrease her pain and allow her to be able to complete transfers and improve walking. She tolerated up to 3 lb. weights on each leg for strengthening as well. She was able to use 2 lb. weights on her upper extremities to increase her ROM (range of motion). She worked on walking and transfers, as well as getting dressed using special equipment to make it easier and with less pain.

Rose completed her therapy stay without any obstacles. She worked very hard to become stronger. At discharge, Rose was able to complete transfers with supervision and walk up to 100 feet three times. She shared that using the electrical stimulation helped decrease her pain, which allowed her to walk further distances. Rose was also able to complete upper body dressing with supervision and lower body dressing with stand by assist for safety.

Rose made incredible gains while on therapy services here at Platinum Ridge, but her family and therapy decided that returning home alone at this time would not be safe. Rose’s family was able to secure her a residence at a beautiful neighboring assisted living community. She will receive continued care and assistance while maintaining her independence in her own private space and be able to thrive. Rose was a wonderful lady to have had here and we wish her the best of luck! Keep smiling, Rose!